Harihar colony, sabalgarh (Dist. - morena)

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Welcome To Our School

Kurians Memorial School is recognized by the state Gov. of M.P. For this institution we have arranged a highly qualified and experienced principal & qualified teaching staff. We wish our students will grow smart, talented and Thoughtful adults in Future. We beleives that sound minds in healty body so we provide all kind of facilities and exposure to the students so that they can study with a sound mind.

The school is situated in a peaceful, pollution free, nice and healthy natural environment, even though it is situated in the middle of the city. The school has big attractive buildings with modern facilities. Proper infrastructure is available for the students.

Every year we organize cultural and sports activities and prizes are given to the talented students. Entertainment and educational tours are also organized to enhance student’s knowledge. Therefore, School tries to discover the hidden talents in order to develop their all round personality.

Gaining knowledge

Knowledge is such an important part of our lives that we always desire to gain as much as possible. However, knowledge is so huge and expanded with time. There are diverse sources for us to gain knowledge efficiently.

Environment Code

The School is a “Tobacco Free Zone” and visitors are requested NOT to bring/consume any form of tobacco on the School premises. Visitors are requested NOT to bring any plastic into the Campus.

Honesty Code

Cheating in the examination is treated as an act of dishonesty and the School takes a very serious view of such cases. Any student found cheating shall be awarded a zero and shall be under strict observation.


    Well-furnished class. The institute is well-equipped, lighted, with modern facilities for all courses.

    Well equipped and latest computer labs. All computers are installed with major software related with educational needs.
  • LAB

    The school has well-maintained and equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology Laboratories. It has a fully equipped Computer Education.

    The School has latest facilities for indoor and outdoor games i.e., basketball court,cricket playground jumping pit, vallyball court, kho-kho ground etc.

School Activities

Many School activities are arranged by the school staff for the student of Kurians Memorial School
like physical training,indoor games, outdoor games and many other activities.

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School Programs

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Sport Events

Many events has been performed during the session of the schools it makes the students mind creative and make them smart.

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Along with teaching, students are given compulsory training. In this students learn awareness and sensitivity to their environment. Concentration, Discipline and Self-Confidence are developed to make their all round development. Following Subjects taught under these head:-

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The school offers a well equipped educational environment to all the students from Nursey to Class VIII.
The medium of instruction and examination in Hindi in all classes.

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Nursery & Primary School

The school has a separate block for Nursery, well equipped with play materials. Experienced teachers supervise the classes, based on a variety of children’s activities, making sure the physical and intellectual growth of each child.

The primary school’s Curriculam is designed to suit the learning capabilities and interests of students. The Primary School Program focuses on the child's unique potential both inside and outside the classroom.


In middle school the main objective of this stage (VI to VIII) is to help the children make connections between the meaningful experiences in life and the courses of studies.

To prepare students to face the Board examinations and other competitive exams, all our efforts are made at the middle school levels. There is earnest endeavour to initiate all students in to sports and games and all cultural events in the school and outside.


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Simption Tech Pvt Ltd

The school has big attractive buildings with modern facilities. Proper infrastructure is available for the students.

Big & Grand school Campus situated in the heart of the city. The campus has huge open spaces to conduct various activities of school.

Computer Library

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A well advanced Library has been set up in the school with the computer books of various language.

All students can easily practies the computer for their ms-office and net facility their computer language .

Sports Facilities

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The school's sporting activities consist of cricket, football, badminton, Chess and indoor games.

Games are considered to be an integral part of the school curriculum and every oppertunity is given to the boys & girls to take an active part in games, as games develop character.


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