Harihar colony, sabalgarh (Dist. - morena)


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Nursery School

The school has a separate block for Nursery, well equipped with play materials. Experienced teachers supervise the classes, based on a variety of children's activities, making sure the physical and intellectual growth of each child.

In Nursery school the children are introduced to formal curriculum and here they start with the deep foundation of education. Kids are taught different patterns like standing line, sleeping line, slanting line, forward curve and backward curve. These are all pre writing skills. Kids practice these patterns by doing rainbow writing on the patterns which makes the learning interesting and easy.

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Primary School

The primary school's Curriculam is designed to suit the learning capabilities and interests of students. The Primary School Program focuses on the child's unique potential both inside and outside the classroom.

This is the most important class which drills all the basic reading and writing skills in a child. The kids learn how to form words in English and Hindi. Vowels are introduced to form words. Each vowel is taught with phonic sound and the difference between all the vowels and their sounds is taught. Though it is a tough process yet the students start following the sounds and are able to capture the correct phonic sound. Later small sentences are formed and usage of grammar starts. Singular -plural, opposites, gender etc. In Hindi two, three and four letter words are introduced. Later matra's are taught and slowly and gradually children start writing words and small sentences. Mathematics is taught with the concept of HTO. Children are taught to add and subtract, the concepts of less than, more than, number names are introduced and tables are taught.

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Middle School

In middle school the main objective of this stage (VI to VIII) is to help the children make connections between the meaningful experiences in life and the courses of studies.

Middle School education is focused on assisting students through the transition from childhood to adolescence. Teachers do their best to support students as they go through many physical, emotional, and social changes, and are sensitive to this unique time of growth. They are passionate about helping students learn responsible academic habits, abstract and critical thinking skills, as well as independence and social skills.